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A Wedding no one will forget!

Creating memories that last forever. I have attended numerous weddings through out my life and there is probably only one or two of them that really stand out (apart from my own). There are a lot of similarities between weddings and the things that makes one wedding stand out from the other; it isn’t the type of cutlery you selected, the colour of the bridesmaid dress, or the flower arrangements, all of which are important. It’s the thing that has everyone talking about your special day for years ahead, something that creates a buzz around the room, and gets everyone excited. It is most likely something you have never even thought about before you started reading this blog.

Have you ever thought of having a magician at your wedding? Not many people have. In Australia it is still very uncommon. I think Australians have the wrong mindset when it comes to magicians. Often when I am performing at a wedding I will get told that they heard there was a magician coming and that they thought it was a bad idea. They thought that the magician would be a children’s magician and wouldn’t be able to interact with the adults, they might be wearing a funny costume or be really corny. All of which I totally understand, adult magicians are still not that popular. Before I started my career as a magician at 33, I had never seen a magician at a wedding, a work function or private party in my entire life. I often wondered are there no magicians around? Was magic dead? Why isn’t magic at every wedding, function and party? I realised I had to change the mindset of people, and the only way to do this was to go against what most people think of a magician. I needed to become a magician for the adults. Perform magic that adults would get excited for, have the adults running, screaming and ecstatic with joy as their minds are being blown.

What is the one thing you remember about the last wedding you attended? Was it the food? The venue? The band or DJ? The flowers? The cutlery? The napkins? What was the one thing that stood out, that made it memorable? It’s usually a moment; the best mans speech, the crazy grandma busting a move on the dance floor. The drunk uncle hitting on the bridesmaids. The bridesmaid that lost her shoes during the photos. These moments are hard to come by and you can’t guarantee them. Good magic is a guarantee that when people talk about your wedding, your special day, they will remember the time their minds were shattered.

Generally under 5% of the wedding budget is dedicated to entertainment. There is a lot going on with a wedding, the venue, the food, the photographer, the celebrant, the cake, the flowers, the dresses, the suits, the hair, the styling, and the list goes on and on. And right at the very bottom of the list is the entertainment. When the budget gets tight and you don't know what to cut back on? Do what Carrie Purchase did - "Both Pete and I would be happy to tell anyone to skip the cake like we did and book you instead."

Almost every bride says after the wedding they should have spent

more on the entertainment. You only have one wedding (sometimes more, sometimes many more), you have one shot to make your wedding stand out from the rest, to be the wedding that is talked about for months and years ahead.

Magic at weddings is one of the greatest icebreakers and people connectors. When you are out getting your photos taken and all the guests are hanging around the venue not sure what to do, roving magic will break the tension get people laughing and connecting with one another. One thing to remember is you want to share in the excitement. If you do decide to hire a magician for your big day make sure you get to see some magic yourselves at the reception or when you arrive back from your photos. So many of your guests will be talking about what has taken place, and you want to be able to share in the experience with them.

Do you take Andino to be your wedding magician? "I DO!"


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