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Gosspel Magician Andino

Gospel Magician 

Andino will have you questioning what is real and what is an illusion? Misdirected? Distracted? or Deceived? Life has its twists and turns.. Are you awake to its tricks?

2 Timothy 4:3 "For a time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine..." We have all been caught up with what the world says about life. We are constantly told and mislead about who or what God is? What He created or didn't create? How much He loves us or doesn't care about us? What He did or didn't do for us? It's too easy to get caught up in all the opinions of other people. All we have to do is go back to the sound doctrine which is the word of God, the Bible to find the truth!

Andino Connect Church .jpeg

Not just a morning service!

Andino also offers an intimate conversation. Hear the amazing story of how Andino became who he is, and how God has impacted and changed his life. Andino will also answer questions of magic and God? While giving his testimony you will also witness close up magic at its finest. This is an option for Churches with the capabilities to run a camera onto a big screen. 

Christian Magician Andino

We had the privilege of having Andino do his thing at our Church a few Sundays ago. Not only was he a pleasure to deal with the entire way through but somehow he managed to inspire our congregation to trust God's Word and not give in to worldly deception. This was of course accomplished through his brilliant skill as a Magician so that we were encouraged in our faith and had our minds blown at the same time. Well done Andino!

-Daniel Abou-zeid Elevate Church- 

Sunshine Coast Corporate Magician Andino

"Thanks so much for coming and wowing us with your incredible magic and unique gift of story telling.  The church absolutely loved it.  You have an amazing gift to communicate the gospel so powerfully through your magic tricks. We loved it and will thoroughly look forward to having you come again.  Would be happy to recommend you to anyone who wants to hear the gospel message presented in such a unique and stimulating way."

-Steve Brown Torquay Christian Fellowship- 

Magician evangelist Andino

I am always impressed with Andino at many levels. He is incredibly skilled at his craft and fully connects with and engages his audience. Andino is also a man of deep conviction and integrity. We hosted Andino at Goodlife as a part of our regular Sunday gatherings and the way he communicated and used his craft was absolutely excellent. I would highly recommend Andino to anyone.

-Tim Lovell Goodlife Community Church Buderim -

Andinos message goes for around 40 minutes. As a magician, Andinos job is to misdirect people, the more he misdirects the more impressive the magic tricks can be. Andino talks about how easy we can be mislead and tricked through life.

We had Andino come to Connect Church Bendigo and it was brilliant. Very engaging, great with all ages, people definitely came out to see him. Most importantly we had people hear about and respond to the message of Jesus. It is a very contemporary vehicle for the gospel message.

-Kerrin Wallis Connect Church Bendigo-

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