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Team Building - Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia wide

Team Building Magician Andino

Do you want to have the confidence to build your business, to reach your goals and take yourself to the next level? Andino has designed a program to give you the steps to become so confident in yourself you will be able to achieve your goals. 

We all have doubted ourselves, and own ability to be amazing, as a magician Andino's job is to be amazing, and to show great confidence and great showmanship. Without this there is no magic. If Andino does not communicate the magic to his audience, the magic is lost! In every business, communication is vital to get more sales and productivity.

Personal Development with Andino

A personal development program with a difference. 

This program is like no other on earth. The program is for businesses to take their staff to the next level. We all know a good sales person is a good showman. Their ability to communicate the product to the client so well, that the client has no choice but to purchase the product or service. Andino will give you simple to use tools to become a great showman. 



Team Building session with Andino magician

The thing that makes this team building/personal development program so different, is Andino will not only show you magic during the course, he will teach you some of the finest tricks in magic. He will teach you how to perform, how to engage with your audience, how to blow someone's mind! By the end of the course everyone will be more confident in themselves, have great showmanship, and will have the ability to perform some great magic. 

Andino magician corporate entertainer

"We engaged Andino for our business strategy meeting and his performance was both entertaining and inspirational. Not only is Andino a brilliant magician, he brings a friendly, positive energy and shares some of his personal journey towards pursing his passion. Magic at its best! Highly recommended for business groups & corporate events."


This program will help build productivity in your business. 

-Build Confidence

-Have great Showmanship  

-Build relationships 

-Learn Magic 

-Perform Magic

Program runs for 120 minutes 

Min 6 attendees. 

Included in the program each participant will receive

a PDF with detailed instructions on the tricks taught.

Deck of Bicycle cards.


Andino left us spell bound. In addition to his magic skills his story telling left the impression that he is a very multi dimensional character which just adds to his mystique and stage presence/character. His tricks left the audience's members mouths wide open. There are hundreds of photos of audience members with looks on their faces that say nothing but : 'how the heck' did he do that! Some of our audience members were convinced he is supernatural. Simply unexplainable. Highly recommended!
Another business associate had hired another magician at a previous event from another state .. and had something to compare Andino too... His comments were... "this guy is way better".

-CEO TV Magic-

"We recently engaged Andino for a business conference held on the Sunshine Coast for both a workshop session and also a show at our awards dinner. Not only was Andino extremely engaging as a performer but also shared some fantastic business and personal insights to our team with both conviction and true experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Andino for both a workshop and public show experience - our team are still talking about him a week on. 

Thanks for your time and effort with us Andino, it was magic;)"

-CEO Total Fitouts-

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